Magnetic Mark  by Jay Denton





Having exchanged a few e-mails with Mark Grubb of Med & Mind in Bury St Edmunds; I went along for a session.  Mark is fully certified in psychotherapy, hypnotherapy, counselling and NLP (neuro-linguistic programming). He then heard about EMS and after researching it fully, decided that it would be a complementary tool to help clients regain their physical health as well as their mental and emotional health.  After going through extensive training with Medica Health, the UK supplier, Mark was ready to start treating patients and he hasn't looked back since!  Mark says "I have a very wide variety of clients; those with back pain, migraine and sports injuries etc often find partial if not complete relief of their symptoms.  For those clients with chronic neurological conditions like MS, Alzheimer's and Parkinson's it is a more long term and complicated process with varied results. In fact Mark would advise clients to think about buying a home version, after experiencing improvement in the clinic. I believe in a holistic approach to a person's health, some clients just need a sympathetic ear, but I can offer them hypnotherapy, counselling or NLP in addition to the EMS if needed." 


The Magnetic Bed

Firstly we talked about my background, home situation and of course my health.  Mark then introduced me to the bed; it's like a massage couch, but with a large hoop at one end (which can slide up the bed and emit magnetic pulses to specific areas of the body) and a low pillow at the other.  The computer connected to the bed has various set programmes depending on the health issue being addressed.  Apart from the bed, there is also a magnetic pad (about 2 feet by 1 foot) a smaller hoop (for knees, hands, elbows etc) and a "pen" which is ideal for sports injuries or arthritis. 

 I didn't feel a thing

 I climbed onto the bed (getting my wayward feet through the large hoop was a small challenge) then I had my first 12 minute session.  This programme emits a low to medium magnetic pulse through the whole body, but you don't feel a thing - or at least I didn't!  Some people do experience mild tingling or warmth on the areas being treated, but for me it was just like lying on an ordinary bed.  Mark then placed the magnetic pad along my spine and I had another 12 minutes of concentrated pulses in this problem area. This was followed up with a final 12 minutes with the pad across my hips and that was all there was to it!  I went back the following week and had another EMS session.  In fact, because I unfortunately didn't see any changes to my MS, I continued to have the weekly sessions for about three months.  I hasten to add that these were complimentary, in the hope of me being able to write about my own improvements. 

Non-MS breakthrough!

Having EMS has not been a waste of time for me though; I have a long-standing knee problem that tends to flare-up when the cold, damp weather of autumn arrives. True to form, back in November, I went to get up one night and found that my "niggly" knee gave way and wouldn't take my weight!  I mentioned this to Mark and once I'd had my first 12 minutes on the bed, he then focused on treating my knee.  I had 12 minutes with my knee in the small hoop then Mark used the "pen" on the painful area.  I have not had a problem with it since, it hasn't given way on me and I've not experienced anything more than the occasional dull ache.  Success at last!  Determined as Mark is for me to see some improvements in my MS, he has loaned me his "home kit" which comprises a magnetic mattress, pad, small strap-on unit and programmable computer.  So, after a training session, including written instructions, I'm now treating myself every third day at home.  As is always the case with MS, what works for one may not work for another, but I am happy to be a "work in progress" for now.  I shall report back if I have any improvements!   

Case Study: Gary Grimwood  

 Gary, 40, lives in Glemsford, Suffolk with his partner Jenny.  He has SPMS and was diagnosed seven years ago.  Gary heard about Med & Mind through his sister-in-law, who had visited Mark for Hypnotherapy.   

Week on Week Improvements

 Gary uses a wheelchair most of the time, he has a catheter and although he has some upper body strength, his arms and hands are affected with tremor. When we met, Gary had been for 6 weekly sessions of EMS; each time he has seen some kind of improvement.  He has found that the stiffness in his legs has lessened, Gary says "I usually need someone to help bend my legs to get me in and out of the car, but since I've been having the magnetic therapy, my legs have become much more supple; sometimes I can bend them without help from me or anyone else!" Mark recalls that on Gary's first visit it was a real effort for both of them to get Gary's legs bent and into the magnetic "hoop" at the end of the bed; but after the treatment Gary could bend his legs to climb out.  

 I've Got Ribs!

Amongst some of the other improvements, Gary now has returned sensation in areas of his previously-numb torso. "I can now feel my ribs and sometimes I'm aware of backache if I've been sitting in one position for too long, which I never used to be able to feel".  

 "As well as my legs being suppler, my tremor is much better straight after a session of EMS and my very sluggish bowels are now responding so I'm far less constipated than I was" says Gary. 

He adds "The first time I had a session I had a sensation like someone was drilling into my hips; it wasn't at all painful, but pleasantly warm."  

The first thing I noticed when Gary started his EMS session was that the slight slurring in his speech disappeared! 

The speech and tremor are two symptoms that improve whilst having the treatment and immediately afterwards, but they do return, although to a lesser extent. 

 However, all the other improvements are long standing,   All these improvements have encouraged Gary to try things out at home to push his physical abilities a bit. "I can pull myself up and out of the wheelchair and take a step onto the bottom stair now.  I am determined that I'll climb the whole staircase one of these days!" 

Gary is now regularly using an exercise machine at the Disability Resource Centre to regain his strength; he said "This is something I wouldn't have been bothered with before visiting the Med & Mind clinic.

 Talking to Mark has helped me to think differently because he really listens."  He added "There may be someone up there (pointing at the sky) But I reckon Mark's doing me more good."   Gary continues to see Mark on a weekly basis. 

 As the majority of his improvements are remaining between sessions, Gary feels that he is continually building a path towards overall improved health and that can only be good news!


 I decided to see Mark Grubb (Med and Mind) after witnessing my friend's miraculous recovery after treatment with Electro-Magnetic Stimulation, following a bad motorbike accident.

I had a lot of pain in my lover back and twinges of shooting pain whenever I moved, at times I was struggling to breathe, and had lost a lot of enthusiasm because of the hopelessness of constant pain.

After the treatment I have no pain in my lower back and pelvis, improved supervisions and don't think - will it hurt if I move? I can breathe easier, move freer and feel my old self coming back. G Briston


  2 years ago I had a skiing accident and suffered terrible damage to my calf muscles. Last year I was forced to abandon my skiing, as I was in agony.

In February I had Electro-magnetic Stimulation and sports massage and was able to ski for two weeks!! I didn't resist reds, blacks or moguls all done great! I did the longest black in Europe.

Legs held up remarkably well………..thank you!

Lynn H


As a swimmer preparing to swim the English Channel in 2007, I thought I would try the Electro-Magnetic Stimulation treatment offered by Mark Grubb on Friday December 08, 2006. Prior to this, my swim training was sitting at about the 150 length mark in a two hour session.

Having laid on the bed during the treatment, I felt nothing, heard nothing, chatted to Mark, then paid my money and left to go for my Friday evening swim. I arrived and entered the water about 1 hour after the treatment, which I had all but forgotten about by then. About 10 minutes into the swim, I noticed that I wasn't panting as hard as I normally do by then. In fact, I was breathing very easily.  Another 10 minutes into the swim, I had this incredible feeling of well being. It was difficult to explain. I began to feel stronger and stronger. My stroke was stretching out, and my hands were pulling through the water like giant buckets, grabbing hold of the water, pushing it out the back, and propelling me forward through the water like a Dolphin. I felt incredibly strong, stronger than I have ever felt in a swimming pool before.

 After 1,500 Metres (60 lengths), I stopped for a feed, and wasn't even out of breath, which was really strange. My entire body, felt as though I could conquer the world. It was extraordinary!  In 1 Hour 45 minutes, I swam and incredible 200 Lengths. That's 5,000 Metres! Unfortunately the pool was closing and I had to get out.  It was the most amazing feeling I had ever experienced. I could have swum all night long, which is exactly what I will have to do when I swim the channel! Mark, this is brilliant, and I can't wait for my next treatment!" 

Kind regards.