What is Counselling? 

    Counselling is about expressing and sharing feelings and emotions which are quite personal to you. Each one of us is a unique individual and we all experience our issues in very different ways. As a counsellor, Mark will help you facilitate those changes and assist with that journey.

    How can Counselling help?

      Counselling is about discussing situations and emotions with  someone who you can trust to be impartial, non judgemental and empathetic. Often by voicing your feelings, you feel a sense of relief and with the help of a competant counseller, find long term solutions and coping mechanisms to problems you thought  insurmountable. There are times when many of us can experience difficulties or problems which may be helped by counselling, some are listed below:-

    Low self esteem


    Sexual Problems

    Personal Identity

    Family tensions

    Feeling isolated or rejected

    Coping with bereavement

     Crisis management 


    If you require more information or would like to make an appointment with Mark please call 07770 668090.