Mark is trained as an integrative psychotherapeutic counsellor . This means he can use different approaches to counselling and psychotherapy to help clients discover solutions to their specific needs.

At times we can feel that emotional and psychological issues are often complex and personal life experiences are always unique. Therefore, the therapy is designed to suit each person individually.

 How can Psychotherapy help?

Psychotherapy may be helpful if you believe that emotional and psychological problems lie at the root of your difficulties. Often people seek help when their usual ways of dealing with difficulties are no longer effective or when problems have persisted for some time.

  Underlying emotional difficulties can be expressed in many ways. Common problems which bring people to psychotherapy include:


 Anxiety or panic attacks


   Poor concentration or sleep problems

Psychosomatic illnesses

 Difficulties with personal relationships or in social or work groups

 Suffering from loss or a traumatic event

 Difficult to move forward due to experiences or relationships in your past

  Seeking help for oneself and your partner, or for a child


If you require more information or would like a appointment with Mark please call 07770 668090.